Breese, IL

Southern OB/GYN Associates
9447 Holy Cross Ln.
Breese, IL 62230
(618) 526-2209

This is our main office and houses our ultrasound machine, equipment for the evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap smears, and our in-office procedure room for hysteroscopy.  This office also is the main hub for our computer system, accounting department and main administration.

The main office has always been located within the hospital setting (since inception in 1982) to allow us direct contact with the Labor and delivery area.  This means a physician is always readily available during office hours to care for any problems or to attend deliveries without the inconvenience of travel time.


Providers in Breese

Dr. Doll-Pollard, Dr. Gelly, Dr. Gozia, and Nurse Practioners Nancy Taylor and Teri Berry


Schedules for Breese

Monday:   Dr. Gozia, Nurse Practioners Nancy Taylor and Teri Berry

Tuesday:  Dr. Doll-Pollard, Dr. Gelly and Nurse Practioner Nancy Taylor

Wednesday:  Dr. Gozia, Dr. Doll-Pollard (every other Wednesday), Nurse Practioner Teri Berry (every other Wednesday)

Thursday:   Dr. Gelly and Nurse Practioner Teri Berry

Friday:   Dr. Doll-Pollard, Dr. Gelly (every other Friday) and Nurse Practioners  Nancy Taylor and Teri Berry (every other Friday)


Pictures of our Breese office


Directions to the Breese office