SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss

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SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss

After years of discussing weight loss solutions internally, Southern OB/GYN Associates (SOGA) launched a medical weight loss center in May of 2012 in order to provide scientifically based weight loss solutions to our patients in southwestern Illinois. The SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss is our answer to the struggle many of our patients have with finding a solution to help them lose weight and keep it off.

Every single day I’m in the office doing annual wellness exams, I talk to at least one person, if not more, who is struggling to lose weight. I talk to even more who are concerned about their weight and want recommendations on how to lose weight. In 12 years of private practice, I have observed different things work for different people but the one thing everyone seems to struggle with is keeping the weight off once they have reached their goal. The reasons people either find it hard to lose weight or hard to keep weight are varied. And even though the theme is the same, the stories are so different.

The biggest struggle for me as a women’s healthcare provider is that I’ve often felt health solutions making a real difference for patients went beyond what OB/GYNs and/or primary care providers are trained to do. My partner Dr. Bonnie Gelly has many of my same concerns. We feel that for some women, the biggest impact we could have on their health would be to address their weight as a medical issue and offer them an individualized plan that included the support of a physician. And that’s where The Center for Medical Weight Loss comes in.

CMWL was started over a decade ago by a physician with similiar concerns for his patients. He has spent the last 10 years making sure that this program remains based on the very best, most up to date science. Because obesity affects more than 35% of adults in the US, there is always a new study or a new medication or a new fad that is in the news. Dr. Kaplan, the founder and CMO of CMWL has kept his program evidence based and free of commercial bias. Which means that it works. His patients have had unparalled success and the results of patients working with CMWL actually ARE typical. I researched many options for our community and felt that there really was no other choice. CMWL philosophies about weight management are the same as mine and Dr. Gelly’s.


What is medical weight loss?


Top 5 reasons we picked CMWL

1. The Center for Medical Weight Loss is not a fad. It was started in 2001 by a physician and they can prove that their programs work.

2. CMWL abides by the scientific fact that weight loss results from fewer calories ‘in’ and more calories ‘out’ while recognizing there are so many additional, unique variables that the program HAS to be customized.

3. CMWL feels that obesity is a disease process not a weakness.

4. Dr. Kaplan as the medical director is passionate about research and is a thought leader and expert in weight loss medicine.

5. A big portion of the CMWL is individualized counseling and education.

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