SOGA Medical Weight Loss

After many years of considering an effective weight loss solution for our patients, SOGA launched the SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss in May, 2012.  The staff and providers at SOGA feel very strongly that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight are an important part of a woman’s health.  The program is supervised by Dr. Anne Doll-Pollard, Dr. Bonnie Gelly and Nurse Practitioner Nancy Taylor.  Carrie Bircher is our Weight Management Specialist and the Director of the SOGA Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL). Because we are excited about the SOGA CMWL and have so much information to share, we have created a separate website for this program. Please also visit us at


What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a physician supervised weight management program based on medical science. Rather than using crash diets or short-term gimmicks, medical weight loss solutions target the primary causes of weight gain and obesity in order to accomplish a sustainable, healthy weight and lifestyle. Medical weight loss also considers obesity to be a treatable medical condition (like high blood pressure or diabetes) and not a weakness.  In the recent years, there have been new FDA approved medications for the treatment of obesity that can be a tool in achieving medically significant weight loss. Data suggests that physicians are in the best position to help people loss weight.