At Southern OB/GYN Associates (SOGA) we are committed to offering current, relevant and compassionate obstetrical services to women living in Southern Illinois and the St. Louis metro-east area. For over 30 years, SOGA has been seeing obstetrical patients in Breese, Illinois and delivering babies at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Breese.

Obstetrical care at SOGA can begin even before a woman finds out she is pregnant. Our doctors provide preconceptual services for women who have questions or concerns about becoming pregnant.  After becoming pregnant, our scheduling staff will set up your initial visit with one of our physicians.  Before your appointment, a trained medical assistant will call to check on your progress and perform an initial interview so that your first visit with the doctor will be the most productive.

Many times the first obstetrical visit involves an ultrasound to verify your due date.  Your SOGA physician will also talk with you about how your baby is developing, nutrition and exercise, child birth classes, breast feeding plans and anticipated schedule of prenatal visits.

When it comes time for delivery, SOGA delivers all their patients at St. Josephs Breese because of the excellence of the Women and Infants Center.  Women and their families can take classes at the hospital or arrange for a tour at their convenience.  After completing a full renovation in 2011, the unit is absolutely beautiful and completely state of the art.

Some of the SOGA obstetrical services include: