Thoughts From A Midwife

*Excerpt from Tasha Meyer’s blog*

Welcome baby, we are waiting for you. I know you are scared. Even if she doesn’t know it, your momma knows just what to do.

When you feel my hands touch her belly, that is my silent prayer for you. Prayers for safe passage on this precious, sacred day. Prayers to carefully, cautiously see this process through.

If I could hear your tiny thoughts, it would probably break my heart. The uncertainty and fear of what is to come, its probably tearing you apart.

So my dear, patiently try to trust this endeavor. Life in the light is greater than you could imagine, ever.

I know you are feeling pressed from every side. We are formed like jars of clay; to carry light, power and love to this world each and every day.

I know you feel so fragile but this pressure is for good. You may be pushed, and perplexed but you will not be crushed. So I know it maybe challenging but this process can’t be rushed.

This is just preparation for the life you soon will live. Its full of transitions with pressure, growing pains and learning to forgive.

Welcome little one, I can start to see your crown. As I am first to touch your head my prayer for you resounds. My prayer for you is the same as for my own. That your life will be filled with love and that you never feel alone.

Welcome sweet baby, breathe in the breath of life. Breathe every molecule in, this is what its like in the light.

Smell the smells, hear the sounds but most importantly open your eyes. See the blurry sight of the parents I know you recognize.

As I lay you on your momma, let the warmth surround your skin . Listen to the voice that calls you by name. Hear the heart you heard within.

If I could hear your thoughts now, how amazing that would be. Thoughts of exuberant joy and much needed relief. Thoughts that no man can describe. Thoughts that love can only quantify.

So welcome baby, Happy Birthday sweet one. We may never cross paths again but know I think of you often. The world is a better place just because you are here.

Love Your Midwife,